The Art of the Social Media Press Release

Whether you only have a moments to get a tweet out, you only have your smartphone to take a quick photo or video related to your announcement, or you simply want to promote your official press release, then you have to rely on the power of social media.

Unlike the average press release where you get 300 – 800 words to get your story out, with social, you’ll be lucky to get 90 characters, one image, and even seconds of people’s attention.

Here are five ways to get the word out using the social media press release.

The 140 (or 280) Character Release for Twitter

Chances are, you’ve seen quite a lot of press releases come across your news stream. Media outlets are big on these, starting them out with breaking.

Others use the #pressrelease hashtag.

If you really want to get attention for your press release, you’ll have to get creative beyond just using text and links. For example, you can incorporate images in your press release tweet.

And you can use video.

Both will help your announcement stand out on your profile as well as within the Twitter newsfeed itself. You can also use a mix of tweet types (text based + link, image + link, and video + link) to tweet about your press release multiple times, but in different ways so that even someone who has seen all three tweets will see something new in each.

For an additional boost, you can use Promoted Tweets to reach an even larger audience with your press release. You can sign in to Twitter Ads[1] using your usual Twitter credentials and then target your press release tweet to reach specific audiences. For example, you could target your ad towards specific news networks and the people that follow them, or Twitter users with specific interests.


This will help you spread your press release even further, generating more buzz, shares, and traffic back to your press release or website.

The 90 Character + Image Release for Facebook

Using Facebook for your press releases is a bit tricky, thanks to Facebook’s continued lowering of business page’s organic reach[2]. And for the little organic reach your page has left, you certainly don’t want to use it on text based updates as those receive less exposure[3] than updates with links, photos, and videos.

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